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ELIZABETH DEAN (1730)This gorgeous band sampler is from the Textile Museum in St. Gallen, Switzerland, accession no. TM20158. Formerly in the collection of John Jacoby. Many of the band samplers worked in the early 1700's are similar to those worked in the 1600's in that they are reversible. However, they are shorter in length and frequently have longer texts on them. Often there are only one or two bands and a smaller variety of stitches are used. Elizabeth Dean was most likely born March 1721, and worked on her sampler in 1730. She used a wonderful selection of colors in her sampler, 5 different alphabets, and worked some beautiful bands.
Stitches used are double sided cross, montenegrin, Algerian eye, satin, herringbone, double
running and cross stitch over one thread.

Size: Finished Size: 7 1/4"x 20" (18.5cm x 51.5cm)
Thread Count: 40 count (16 th/cm) linen
Recommended Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: Kit: Cotton - $53.00 Silk - $81.00 Chart-$19.00
Categories: 18th Century English
ID: 190

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