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Abigail Bright-1809

Abigail Bright-1809New! This sampler is new to our collection.

Abigail was twelve years old when she finished her sampler. This sampler belongs to a group of samplers from this area in Pennsylvania. The horizontal band with large blooms, the checkerboard urn, the Queen stitch strawberries and the cows with swinging tails are all found on these samplers. This may be the earliest know sampler from this group of Reading samplers.

The Bright family was a prominent one in Reading’s, Pennsylvania’ early history, beginning with Johannes Michael Brecht who was born in Palatinate, Germany in 1706, emigrated at age 20. He settled in Germantown in 1726 and died in Reading in 1794.

The Historical Society of Berks County prepeared a Historical Sketch of the Bright Family in 1900.
Abigail Bright was born 1 January 1797, the third of ten children born to David (1771-1846) and Catherine (Hottenstein) Bright (1771-1852). David Bright was a farmer and an enterprising citizen of Reading whose skills in house carpentry led to the building of many structures in and around the city of Reading. Abigail married George Fisler (1785-1831), who was a shop keeper in Reading for some years. They had six children: Catherine, Jane, George B., Hester, Jacob G, and Louisa. The family moved to Chester County in 1830. Abigail outlived her husband by many years but did not remarry; she died in 1875.
) Stiches used are cross, cross over one, queen, algerian eye, satin, tent, stem and free handembroidery.

Suitable for intermediate stitchers.

Size: 14" x 16.5" (36cm x 42cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14thr/cm) lineb
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: chart $33.00
Categories: This Year, North American / Mexico

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