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 ELIZABETH BURTON (1701) Elizabeth was another one of Judeth Hayl's pupils. Judeth or Juda is one of the only two teachers known to us from the 17th century. To date there are 13 known samplers which belong to this group. All of them have common elements: a square cartouche (believed to be a sewing cushion), the
initials IH (Judy Hayl) on one side and the initials of the student (in this case "EB") on the other. Other similar features found on some, but not all, is a heart worked in algerian eye stitch, striped deer, triangular mounds of grass and similar bands. Elizabeth's sampler resembles Ann Holewll (1699) housed at Colonial Williamsburg, Elizabeth Searles (1701), Mary Groome (1704) in the Victoria and Albert Museum and Elizabeth Goodday (1710). The earliest Hayl sampler was stitched by
Hannah Canting in 1691 which is now in the Fitzwilliam Museum. In the same year, Elizabeth Meadow stitched a sampler which is housed in the Muesum of London. Sarah Bancroft stitched hers in 1693, Mary Canting in 1694, Prisca Phillips in 1700, and Mary Moyse in 1704, these samplers are in the Fitzwilliam Museum as well. The inscription on most of the samplers reads "(Girl's name) - look well to what you take in hand for larning is better than house or land when land is gone and money is spent than larning is most excellent (date)." These samplers were all done in the Ipswich area. More information will be included in the kit. Our kit is the only museum authorized reproduction of Elizabeth Burton's sampler available. The original is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, accession
no.1990-108, 1a + 1b.
Stitches used in this sampler are cross stitch over three, two and one threads, algerian eye, satin, double running stitch and some detached buttonhole.

Size: 8" x 41" (20cm x 104cm)
Thread Count: 40 count (16 thr/cm) linen.
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Chart $35.00
Categories: 18th Century English
ID: 206

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