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IM IB (1728)

IM IB (1728)Two Scottish samplers, one of which was completed July 17, 1728 and the other on October 23, 1728. Both of these samplers were stitched by either one very prolific stitcher or by sisters. The later sampler contains more detail so it could have been worked by the same girl. The red and green
wool that was used to stitch these samplers as well as the ornate lettering in the second sampler point to them being of Scottish origin. Scotland had its own linen industry by the late 1600's and its linen was generally of a coarser quality than that which was coming from the Continent. It is the coarser linen which was used for both of these samplers which is also common to samplers from this period in Scotland. Both the samplers contain lovely double running bands with putis (angel
boys) on one sampler and bands with filling stitches on the other. The letters "J" and "U" are missing as they were interchangeable with the letters "I" and "V". Both samplers are totally reversible and the stitches used are reversible cross, queen, double running, algerian eye,
herringbone and tent. Both of these samplers belong to Handwerk Zonder Grenzen in the Netherlands. Original samplers shown in photo.

Size: (July Sampler): 8" x 22.5" (20.5 x 56.5cm) 25ct (10th/cm)linen
Thread Count: (October sampler):8" x 22" (20.5 x 56cm) on 30 ct (12th/cm)linen
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Kit: DMC- $69.00 Silk - $99.00 Chart - $19.00
Categories: Scottish
ID: 209

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