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BOXER BAND SAMPLERThis striking band sampler is an original design from The Essamplaire. It uses various bands found on samplers from the 1700's as well as white work and a great variety of stitches used in this time period. The boxers in the 2nd band were usually either dressed or not and always carrying a gift of some sort. Their origin is uncertain but they are called boxers because of their stance, they were thought to be lovers carrying gifts.
Our sampler uses cross stitch, satin, holbein, tent, rococo, bouillion knot, spiral stitch, Hungarian stitch, florentine, chain, seed, herringbone, long armed cross, four sided, back stitch, Roman stitch and hem stitch.

Size: Finished Size: 7 1/4" x 17 1/2"
Thread Count: 35 count (14 thr/cm) on dyed linen.
Recommended Level: Advanced
Cost: Kit - $50.00 Chart - $10.00
Categories: Own Designs
ID: 139

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