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Soledad Villalobos (Circa 1830)

Soledad Villalobos (Circa 1830)Soledad's colorful sampler is from Mexico and is an academy piece. Mexican samplers are usually worked in a reversible manner, i.e. the ends were finished on the front, and this sampler is no different. The cross stitch is worked so that all that is visible on the back are short
vertical stitches. Long armed cross is used, as are double running, satin, cut work with wrapping, doves eyes and Aztec stitch. The Aztec stitch can form different patterns depending on how the colors are worked and the direction they are stitched in. From the collection of The
Essamplaire. The stitch count is 255 x 239.

Size: Finished Size: 14 1/2" x 12 1/2" (37cm x 32.5cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (17.5 thr/cm) linen.
Recommended Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: Cotton: $81.00 Silk: $116.00 cht. 22.00
Categories: North American / Mexico
ID: 217

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