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SV (1663)

SV (1663)A beautiful Swiss sampler worked primarily in double running and herringbone over three threads. There are a number of similar samplers in style, shape and size in existence indicating that they might have been taught by the same instructor. They all contain various corner motifs, star designs and short little bands. Many of the bands and motifs can be found on German samplers and in Johannes Sibmacher's pattern book printed in 1597 and 1601. From the Textile Museum in St. Gallen, accession no. TM20045.

Size: Finished Size: 22" x22.25" (56cm x 56.5cm)
Thread Count: 40 count (16 thr/cm) linen.
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Cotton - $ 108.00 Silk - $135.00 Chart - $20.00
Categories: Central & Southern Europe
ID: 204

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