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EH- 1746

EH- 1746EH’s sampler is of German origin and was made in or around Nuremberg. Samplers made in this area are generally smaller and tend to have a square format. Some of these samplers as EH’s sampler, are worked around all four edges, the work was turned. These samplers often contain the motif of the cross with the instruments of torture and the inscription INRI (Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaerum, this is Latin for Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews). The cross is a symbol of the Christian
faith. The rooster on top of a column is a symbol for the ressurection. The samplers from Nuremberg and further south do not contain as many religious motifs as those from the North and the ones stitched are usually from the New Testament. EH stitched a Holy City motif, another motif frequently found on the Nuremberg samplers. The sprigs of flowers are all taken from Helena Rosina Furst’s books, Schonster Modelbuch der Barochzeit, which were first published between 1660 and 1676 and came out in four volumes. The original sampler is in the Museum of Innternational Folk Art In santa fe, New mexico. Accession no. A.80.36.327.
EH’s sampler is worked in marking cross, four sided stitch, double running and chain stitches.

Size: 10.5" x 11" (27cm x 28cm) and is worked on 40 count (16th/cm) linen
Thread Count: On 35 count (14 th/cm) linen it measures 12.75��? x 13��? (32.5 cm x 33cm)
Recommended Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: Silk $111.00 DMC $82.00 cht. $22.00
Categories: Dutch & German
ID: 255

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