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ELIZABETH PRIEST (1676)ELIZABETH PRIEST (1676) Elizabeth's sampler contains two dates: 1674 and 1676. It is likely that she started her sampler in 1674 and completed it in 1676. It contains a number of frequently seen flower bands, one worked entirely in one color. Colors used are typical of the earlier band samplers (blues, greens, and salmon). The main motif is of a pelican picking open its right breast (a symbol of the wound in the Christ's side) and feeding its young with its blood. There is also a huntsman with his dog and a Sibmacher stag in its bower. Up the side, Elizabeth stitched "Upon a Hill I Set a Mill". Mills were commonly stitched on early embroideries, although we do not know the significance.
Stitches used are cross stitch variations, herringbone, buttonhole bars, satin, double running, seed, long armed cross, montenegrin and Italian cross. From the Burrell Collection, accession no. 155.

Size: 9"x 32.5" (23cm x 83cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14 thr/cm) linen
Recommended Level: Advanced
Cost: Silk $129.00 DMC $94.00 Chart $20.00
Categories: 17th Century English
ID: 200

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