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Book Cover -Circa 1650)

Book Cover -Circa 1650)During the 17th Century, reading was a part of a young affluent girl's education. Girls were taught to read so that they could read the Bible. This, however, did not mean that they could write. (90%-95% of women could not write their own names. Books were expensive and precious, and
covers were stitched for them by either girls, adult needle women of the household or professional stitchers. If they were stitched commercially and contained metallic threads, then they were stitched by men. They could also be bought as a kit. There was a great love of flowers and all
things natural and these motifs are commonly found on 17th century embroideries. The rabbit found on this book cover is the bestiary counterpart of "sense of touch".
Stitches used are tent, queen, gobelin, and couching. From the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester, accession no. 1953.17.2

Size: 9" x 8" (23 cm x 20.5cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14th/cm)linen
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Silk $98.00 DMC $62.00 Chart $22.00
Categories: 17th Century English
ID: 195

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