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TBB-1744An early Friesland sampler from the northern area of the province. It contains a ship along with the crew and a smaller one behind it, with the initials IS, the little ships are said to signify departed souls. Some loveley bands along the left hand edge and along the bottom would have been used on the collars and cuffs as well as on other linen items. Children are skipping rope and a mother is rocking a cradle and a girl is pinning yarn. Often families raised there own linen and spun it and then it was brought to the weavers.
This sampler belongs to a group of samplers which contain some of the same bands and motifs, indicating that they are from the same area. Sampler is conservation mounted and not as yellow as in picture.

Size: 25" x 11"
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Cost: $2200.00
Categories: Antiques
ID: as37

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