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Elizabeth Haig-1776

Elizabeth Haig-1776New! This sampler is new to our collection.

Elizabeth was born on March 20, 1768 in Alloa, Clackmannshire to James Haig, a surgeon and his second wife Janet Pearson. She had five siblings, Isabella-1755, Loggie-1764, Janet-1771, James-1773 and John-1776.
Elizabeth married John McGowan, Esq. on the 21st of April, 1800 and they were married by Reverend James Frame. Her husband was a merchant from London, although he was born in Alloa. They had three children and they were all baptized in Alloa. Janet was born in 1803 in London, William was born in 1807 in London and Mary was born in 1809 in Alloa. Elizabeth died in 1850.

Stitches used are cross stitch, double running, flame stitch, queen, satin, eyelet and pulled work.

Size: 13” x 9.5” (33 cm x 24 cm)
Thread Count: 0 ct. linen(16 thr/cm
Recommended Level: Advanced
Cost: $33.00
Categories: Scottish, This Year

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