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Hannah Stacy- 1789

Hannah Stacy- 1789Hannah's sampler belongs to a group of samplers made in Marblehead, Massachusetts. There are a number of these samplers with similar trees, birds, stags and ladies with crowns of flowers in their hair. The border on Hanna's sampler is on of the more elaborate ones. The Marblehead samplers are now attributed to schoolmistress Martha Tarr Barber (1734/35–1812), although few specific facts about her teaching have been found. She evidently commenced keeping school after having become a widow for the second time, in 1780. Eventually the Barber school spanned the entire Federal period, for Martha’s youngest daughter, Miriam, born in 1775, became her mother’s assistant and continued teaching until her death, in 1830.( info. from American Folk Art Museum).

Hannah's sampler is from Hagley Museum, accession no. 70.25.87. The sampler collection at Hagley Museum and Library (Wilmington, DE) consists of more than thirty samplers which date from 1789 to 1857. Schools represented include Mary Balch School, Westtown School, Pleasant Hill Boarding School and Roseville School. The girls that made these samplers lived in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley and North East areas. Most of the collection belonged to Mrs. Louise du Pont Crowninshield (1877-1958).”

The sampler is worked with cross stitch, cross over one thread of linen, satin, chain and stem stitch.
A diagram to trace is provided.

Size: 9.75" x 10" (25cm x 25.5cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14 thr/cm linen)
Recommended Level:
Cost: cht. $30.00
Categories: , North American / Mexico
ID: 354

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