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Eunice Ripley-1772

Eunice Ripley-1772Ten-year-old Eunice Ripley (born 1782) unusually depicts a sole, fashionably dressed woman with a small bird perched on her hand while five others feast on the tree’s fruit. The popular saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” was linked specifically to courtship in a well-known British folk ballad of the time. Eunice, the daughter of Jeremiah (b. 1741) and Mary Ripley of Coventry, Connecticut, remained single until the age of twenty-five when she married Godfrey Scarborough of Suffield in August of 1808. Sadly, Eunice died before the end of that year.

This delightful sampler is worked mainly in cross stitch with algerian eye, cross over one, buttonhole, satin, tent, marking and freehand stithes.

Size: 7" x 12" (18cm x 30cm)
Thread Count: 32 count (12the/cm)
Recommended Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: Cht. $26.00
Categories: , North American / Mexico
ID: 321

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