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Elizabeth Yaegers-1834

Elizabeth Yaegers-1834Elizabeth's charming sampler is believed to be from Berks County, in Pennsylvania. It contains a number of similar motifs found on samplers made in Reading and therefore she could have boarded with relatives. The motifs that are the same are the cornucopia, the house, three-towered
building in lower left hand corner and sprays of flowers as well as an inner saw tooth border. The three towered building and cornucopia are Dutch or German influences and found on samplers in those countries in the early 18th century.
This sampler contains strong Quaker influences and her instructress could have been a Quaker or she had a Quaker education. Small Queen stitch motifs are scattered throughout the sampler.
From the collection of the Historical Society of Berks County.

The sampler is worked mainly in cross-stitch, queen stitch, satin and some tent stitch.

Size: measures 22.5" x13" (57cm x 33cm)
Thread Count: Worked on 32 count (12 thr/cm) linen
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Cht $28.00
Categories: , North American / Mexico, Pennsylvania German
ID: 285

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