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TOMASSA BARRERA - 1844Tomassa made her sampler at the age of 6 years old and completed it November 29, 1844. Schools were set up throughout Mexico by nuns and pious women to convert the girls to Christianity and a western way of life. Many of these women were from Spain, and they brought their needlework patterns and techniques such as white work, pulled and drawn work, with them, while the Mexicans introduced the bright colors. Some of these patterns are still found on Mexican clothing today. Tomassa used cutwork
on her sampler and a band worked in Aztec stitch. She also used satin, double running, flame, tent, herringbone, and marking stitch. Original
sampler shown in photograph.

Size: Finished Size: 9 1/2" 12 3/4" (24cm x 32cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14 thr/cm) linen.
Recommended Level: Advanced
Cost: Chart - $22.00
Categories: North American / Mexico
ID: 231

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