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The Pineapple Sampler- circa 1650

The Pineapple Sampler- circa 1650A beautiful English band sampler containing both polychrome and white work bands. Some girls worked both a polychrome and a white work sampler but our maker stitched both techniques on one sampler. The last two digits of the date were unpicked or not stitched in the first place. The
first “S��? band is a rather typical one on these samplers as is the fourth band from the top. They look different from each other in that they are filled in differently, using different colors and filling stitches. We know that this sampler is from the second half of the 17th century due to
the filling stitches. This sampler is reversible in the way it was stitched, although in some of the filling stitched areas it looks different on the back then the front. The large double running stitch bands are divided by small bands of double running stitches. The white work section consists mainly of satin stitch bands and one band of cutwork.
Stitches used are double running, satin, detached buttonhole, seed stitch, French knots, long armed cross, Roman stitch, Italian cross, Italian hem stitching, Double sided cross, buttonhole wheels, woven bars, spider wheels, wrapping, Algerian eye, reticella and picots

Size: 6.75" x 24" (17cm x 61cm)
Thread Count: 45 count (18thr/cm)linen
Recommended Level: Advanced
Cost: cht. $36.00
Categories: 17th Century English
ID: 239

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