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MN - BAND SAMPLER (Late 1600's)

MN - BAND SAMPLER (Late 1600's)The band sampler is the best known of the 17th century samplers. This
period of time is often referred to as the "Golden Age" of sampler
making. It was at this time that a wealth of stitches were used, many of
these have died out. The bands on these samplers are of border patterns
which were used on the clothing and domestic linens of the time. Some
band samplers contain a section of spot motifs as does ours. They were
worked by accomplished needlewomen. Later band samplers contain alphabets
and verses and were likely school room products. The width of the bands
were generally wide enough for one large pattern or one or two repeats of
a smaller one. A variety of geometric and floral patterns were used and
many of the same pattern bands are found on all these samplers. Acorns
are often seen as well as oak leaf which stems back to Druid times. The
little figure walking sideways is called a boxer because of their stance
but is derived from a motif of Continental Europe of lovers bearing
gifts. The length was often determined by the width of the loom. Ours has
selvedges at the top and bottom. Generally densely worked and they were
considered more showy pieces. Stitches used are cross, Italian cross,
montenegrin, holbein, couching, seed, detached buttonhole, bouillion,
satin, spider web, ceylon, and chain. We have matched our sampler up to
the colors on the back. Original sampler pictured.

Size: Finished Size: 8" x 24.5" (20cm x 62cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14 thr/cm) on natural linen.
Colour: Colors: Greens, golds, blues, rust, red and browns
Recommended Level:
Cost: cht. $33.00
Categories: 17th Century English
ID: 123

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