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MS-1777 MS's sampler is of Dutch origin. This style of sampler, with the flame stitch motifs, and some with numerous queen stitch motifs, were worked in what were called French schools. These schools were normally boarding schools and taught French classes among other subjects. Some girls
attended as day students. The fashion at the French court was very popular during this time period and this was being emulated in the Netherlands in clothing and accessories. The motifs on this style of sampler were used on slippers, small purses and other household objects. It is interesting to note that a number of these motifs were worked in England during the 17th century on spot samplers and now a century later on Dutch ones.
Stitches used are flame stitch, cross-stitch and tent stitch

Size: worked on 35 count (14 th/cm) linen using silk floss
Thread Count: measures 7.25" x7.5" (18cm x 19cm)
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: cht. $18.00
Categories: Dutch & German, Miniatures
ID: 287

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