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Aeltie Claes- Anno 1673

Aeltie Claes- Anno 1673Aeltie’s sampler belongs to a group of samplers dating from the 1640’s to the 1680’s. There are fourteen samplers that we know of so far. They all contain a text which in most instances is worked around two or three sides. The work was turned while working this. On almost all of the samplers one of two text’s was used. They are all signed by the maker, stating who’s daughter they were and their age. Aeltie was Claes’s daughter and she was eleven years old. All are worked in long armed cross and all of them have decorative bands worked on one side or the other. The earliest ones have the church tower of Edam, in North Holland, on them and the rest have an entire church on them. Besides the church they contain numerous similar motifs, such as a large ship, heart shaped trees
with numerous birds ( birds indicate a connection with heaven), large geometric motifs, lamb of God, dogs fighting over a bone, reclining stag, a man and woman holding a wreath (marriage symbol), inside the wreath is a pierced heart(love conquers everything), fountain of life (vase with two birds), a spinning monkey, sewing basket and scissors (cutting the thread of life) and anywhere from a few to over twenty family marks. Of interest is that in stitching the text each letter in a word is joined by a running stitch instead of finishing the thread off.

Size: It measures 15.5 “ x 20" (39.5 cm x 50.5 cm)
Thread Count: worked on 40 count (16 thr/cm) linen using Soie d’ Paris silk
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Cht.$30.00
Categories: Dutch & German
ID: 283

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