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IMR-1720IMR’s sampler is from Hamburg, Germany as indicated by the coat of arms, the two lions flanking three towers. Our sampler has all of the elements associated with Northern German samplers in both size and content. It is smaller in format, wider than long and well balanced with subdued colors. Bible stories from the Old Testament are seen on samplers from the north. Adam and Eve are prominently placed in the center, behind a fence, with the initials A and E on either side. Joshua and Caleb, the grape carriers, are dressed in the style of the day. Surrounding the tree in the Garden of Eden are personifications of four virtues: Justice holding a sword and scales with the initial GR which stand for Gerechtigkeit and Recht; Hope with the anchor with the initial H
(Hoffnung); Charity with two children, with the initial L (Liebe); and Peace holds an olive branch with the initial F (Friede). The town or heavenly city, the ship, crowned heart, mermaid and birds are other allegorical motifs. The two shepherdesses with sheep, the milkmaid and a goose boy are
secular motifs. The flower vases with the “S" handles are seen on Dutch samplers. Dutch tiles with these motifs on them, were exported to Germany by the thousands, and are the most likely source of inspiration. The initials and date in a wreath and carried by angels is another
typical element of Northern German samplers.

IMR’s sampler is worked in cross stitch and tent stitch and uses some metallic thread.

Size: 11.25" x 13" (29cm x 33cm) and is worked on 40 count (16 th/cm) linen
Thread Count: On 35 count (14 th/cm) linen it measures 12.75"x 15.5" (33cm x 39.5cm).
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: Silk $106.00 DMC $75.00 cht. $24.00
Categories: Dutch & German
ID: 254

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