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Lehncke Albers - Anno 1843, a Vierlanden Sample

Lehncke Albers - Anno 1843, a Vierlanden Sample Lehncke's sampler is from the Vierlanden area close to Hamburg in Germany. These samplers stitched in black and with geometric motifs were stitched between 1820 and 1840. One of the reasons suggested for this is that the motifs look better worked in black or possibly they didn't have
a source for colored silk. These areas were rather isolated from the larger centers and goods were bought from traveling salesmen. All of these samplers share the geometric motifs, rosette, patterns, urns with large bouquet's and the alphabets across the top. The original sampler is
from the Textile Museum in St. Gallen, accession no. TM20089.

Size: 14.25" x 20"
Thread Count: Worked in uneven weave 35/40 ct (14/16thr/cm) linen
Recommended Level: Beginner
Cost: chart $28.00
Categories: Dutch & German
ID: 240

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