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IBG - Anno 1859

IBG - Anno 1859 IBG's sampler is from the eastern part of the province of Groningen in the Netherlands. The daughters of wealthy farm or land owners were usually sent to a French school, boarding school, in the city of Groningen although some of the daughters went to school in Germany. Many of the farm families had family ties to Germany. Besides reading, writing, good manners, French and music the art of fancy handwork was very important. It is believed that these large black symmetrical
samplers originated in these schools. The majority of the girls were between the ages of 13 and 17. Most of these samplers were framed in an ornate black frame and hung above the door in the parlor. These samplers were all stitched with black silk, possibly because they thought it looked nice but also because black was the fashion color in clothing during this time. Perhaps they didn't have a source for colored silk. It is known that traveling salesmen from Germany carried black silk in their baskets and it was relatively inexpensive. Besides the large format, some of the other similarities in these samplers in the large basket with carnations, tulips, corner motifs, rooster, dove and wreath carried by angels. The letter "G" is often stitched with a crown above it. IBG's
sampler is from the Sampler Museum of Mariette Verheggen in Dieteren, the

Size: 18.5" x 21" (47cm x 53cm)
Thread Count: 35 count (14thr/cm) linen.
Recommended Level: Beginner
Cost: Silk $79.00 DMC $56.00 Chart $24.00
Categories: Dutch & German
ID: 241

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